Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It all started with this little chicken coop advertised on the bulletin board at work.  
I decided it was a sign, something I've wanted to do for along time.  And the price was right to start a little hobby. 

We got our chickens from his cousin who raises them.  He also raises miniature brahmas, donkeys, ducks and puppies. We planned on 4 - which ended up being 6 hens and one stately rooster. By the weekend I realized they didn't have enough room!  So we added on - hence the new red addition. 

After a week it was clear they needed an out of coop area - so we added on AGAIN!
This time we used fence panels and made a proper area for them to scratch around in on the days when we are home with them.  I painted the first coop with red trim to match the second addition.
We also added a rabbit hutch inside to give them another sheltered area.  I've already found an egg in there too!

We've only had them a few weeks and they already have a routine down pat.  They know when I come out they are getting a treat and come running to meet me.  They love to spend the day in the sunshine of their new fenced area and quickly line up to go in.  At mealtime about 6ish they are ready to go back in the coop to eat and for the night.

Here they are waiting for me to feed them!  They love their new home and owners and have blessed us with lots of eggs already.   Stayed tuned for more chicken news and to meet the cast of characters.
In the meantime - here is the king - Sir Charles our rooster...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


What a beautiful sight to see the other day - spring is certainly arrived with the sign of all the robins getting baths.  

This was my window view a month ago ... so happy to see spring!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Well, on my horizon at least! Just a few more days!!!