Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 I can't begin to count how many times I've chased a kitten out of this Christmas tree...
 I can't begin to count how many times I've had to pick up the tree or bail a kitten out of it...
 Then came the fascination with the vintage ornaments I had in a tiered display - they lasted all of 2 hours...
 Two hours and I turn my back for one second and there they go... I had put them out for the company I was expecting that night.
 I should have known better - I do know better... I was able to salvage about a dozen - now put away for safe keeping for another year without kittens.
  For several years we've only put up a small 3 1/2 foot table top tree.  Mostly because our house has never been without a kitten or new cat full of curiosity.
  I never did put ornaments on this tree.  I did know better - it was bad enough picking up the braided jingle bell garland a gazillion times! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

TWO FOR TUESDAY... on Wednesday!

They filled in for Rudolph last year...
 Jack Frost
Otis thinking Bah Humbug...

Friday, December 14, 2012


If you read my last post you will remember this photograph of one of the two kittens I needed to save.
Hubs of course thought I was crazy but knew better than to argue with me.  That was October 28th.
When I took them to the vet she called this one sickly and pathetic.  She wasn't sure my efforts and money could save this little girl.  She was 3 or 4 months old yet only weighed 1 pound and 4 oz. even though she already had her big girl teeth.

This is her today!  She is still very tiny but so very healthy. We fed her several times a day with a syringe as she couldn't eat or swallow correctly due to a mass in her throat.  Every day and night I would tuck her in her bed in the garage (they were contagious at first) I would say to her "I hope you are alive in the morning" and every morning I'd say "I hope you are alive when I get home".

 I originally named her Ash and the little black one Cinders.  After all she went through and my daily prayer hoping she would still be alive, I knew I had to name her HOPE instead.

 This is Cinders.  He was from a different litter and was 5 months old and much larger.  As you can see, his eyes are cloudy almost like cataracts. I thought he might be going blind and didn't want him caught and eaten by a predator.  The vet said it was due to eye infections never being treated.  He can see and it's possible the white-ish film might thin out as he grows up.  He is beautiful, fluffy and very playful.  They sleep together most every night.  Of course this means more photos of these little guys will soon follow.