Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 How can it be almost fall? We haven't even taken a garden walk this year.Click on any photo to see a nice larger version!

Time has gone by so quickly this summer.  Fortunately I took these photos of my shade garden before the deer ate the tops off all the Hosta.  

 Now they are simply stems.

 I don't think I've ever shown a photo taken from the yard looking toward the house.  The glass railings on the upper deck make it one of my favorite places.  I love to sit there and enjoy all my gardens.  We also love to eat out there and watch the rain.

 This photo was taken from my upper deck recently. This garden started out on the right side in memory of my mom in 1996.  My mom loved to feed and watch the birds so this garden has feeders and a bird bath which get used quite a bit.

 The left side was added in 2006 in memory of my dad.  He was a farmer.  Besides vegetables he raised pumpkins...memories of helping will always be in my heart.  Of course he had a blue Ford tractor...and his hand plow and tobacco setter was added.
When dad passed away I added his garden across from mom's and added a wedding ring quilt path between them.  One the sides facing each other are several varieties of daisies. This past year when my brother died tragically I knew somehow I had to make a garden for him. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do and my sister suggested putting it behind mom and dads.  I decided to incorporate it. A load of dirt was given to me in his memory and I added an arbor and path. My brother loved his red roses so I planted some on each side of the arbor also given to me in his memory and a Zephirine Droughin climbing rose will be planted at the arbor.

Below the memory garden is my scented garden or so I call it.  It holds alot of nicely scented flowers as well as some Herbs, Day Lilies and Hydrangeas.
A purple Clematis grows over the arbor my Hubs made for me. There are several other gardens we didn't get to see so maybe I'll show them next.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour - until next time...