Thursday, August 16, 2012


                    I’ve had a lot of change in the past 6 months, a lot of loss, a lot of heartbreak. 
It has changed me.

                   It lingers in my mind hanging over me like a black cloud or an eeery fog you see at Halloween.
                 I keep looking inside to find the other me. 
The old me. 

The one who could sleep at night, the one who could go through the day without clutter crowding her thoughts. 

                                    Where is the carefree soul that seemed to have a perfect life?   
        To merely look at me you would see a normal person, not one fighting demons in her heart.

                                   I need to find the path back to peace again.


                  I had found it but I must have stepped off somewhere throwing me back into an abyss.

                            I know things will turn around and straighten out as everyone tells me and until then I will keep treading until those days are back.
                                  looking like a perfectly normal person on the outside....