Friday, January 20, 2012


I've been working on putting some crafts away and had pulled the box out of this shelf.  Hours later when I went to put it back my space was no longer vacant!

Monday, January 9, 2012


One of those "goals" for the new year is to get outside and walk.  Taking Gypsy walking is the perfect answer.  Since she has grown up a bit, she is well behaved on a leash and loves to take a walk. 
 We've taken to walking at our local county park, A.J. Jolly, one thousand acres of peacefulness.  I'm lucky that its a five minute drive from our house.  I'd walk to it but you have to cross the busy highway.
Since its the dead of winter here, although warm, the park was absolutely empty.  Just me and G and this gaggle of geese.  They were content to walk with us on the opposite side of the water - now I know where the term ducks in a row comes from. The lake covers 200 acres and we've only managed to walk a tiny area of it.
 As the lake narrowed at one end the geese lost trust in the water between us and decided it was safer in the water than out.
 Gypsy didn't understand how they could ditch us like that. She's waiting for one to come back and play with her.

Friday, January 6, 2012


With Christmas being over and the decorations coming down, the house seems blah.  Gone are all the pops of red - my favorite color.

  Gone are all the gift bags to recycle, the wrapping paper I didn't use and the sparkly tissue papers. I'll be sure to take the cat out of the bag before its put away.

With the new years goals I've set, I've decided to rearrange some decor in my house and shop from my closets.  Cleaning them out is next on the list so why not evaluate whats in them I'll use first. It's time to kick it up a notch - stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So a New Year is here.  Are you a resolution maker?
I've decided not to make resolutions this year...rather make goals.
  I've never been good with resolutions other than breaking them.
So this year we'll have some goals.

One is to stamp and scrapbook more often...and use some of the goodies hidden in those drawers.
Sending cards with random thoughts and love to friends and family...

Another is to save some money to buy a new camera ...
a good one - I've lusted over a Canon Rebel top of the line for ages now.
Just hasn't been in the budget - probably never will be.  Too many more important things come first.

like food, toys and vet bills for this sweet girl.
And we can't forget these guys either...
So in the spirit of the new year I'm starting out with a positive attitude to meet my goals, blog a little more,
garden a little more, create a little more.

Push myself just a little more.