Monday, July 9, 2012


 Pretty much everyday I take a long walk around the yard with Gypsy.  We have to stop and check out all the gardens, sights and smells.   My dear father-in-law made this wishing well for me years and years ago.  It looks great with window boxes filled with red superwave petunias.  He would love it if he could see it now.
 These are a tiny version of the Supertunia's also and they love this watering can planter.
 I bought this old ice cream box at one of my favorite junk shops.  It's filling out nicely.
 We stop to check out the arbor in the scented garden.  This clematis has never filled out so full before.  It must be the wood arbor versus an old metal one we replaced.  It has hundreds of blooms.
 It's so full a family of Robins have moved in under the right side of the wooden T you see here below.  It must give them good coverage from the elements as thick as it is.

 This is a clump of Gallardia that loves to be neglected.  The less I take care of it the more blooms it seems to produce.
I hope you enjoyed our walk!  We have plenty more pictures to share so stay tuned.


  1. Hi Margy. Your wishing well looks so pretty with the petunias. I adore that Ice cream box! It makes such a great container. Wow, your clematis is just loaded. It looks lovely. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Love the mini petunias color and they are perfect in that watering can! Also love the milk box--great junk store find!

  3. I'm green with envy, your gardens are so gorgeous ! Looking forward to more photos =)

  4. I most certainly enjoyed the walkabout! thank you for linking up this weeks garden party...xoxo,tracie