Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello blogland!

Since its Make it Monday I thought I would share my jewelry storage.  Since I am a visual person I like to look at my necklaces as I am getting ready for work each morning.  You might say I am "obsessed" with jewelry as I love it!  Storing it however was a problem.  I decided to hang it on the wall like art.

And the OCD in makes me organizes it by color.
It makes choosing a necklace to match my outfit a breeze.
These are just elegant hooks from Hobby Lobby.  The BLING sign I made from an old Christmas sign I bought at a yard sale and painted.  I didn't think to take a before photo sorry!


  1. So enjoyed the tour this year. You always inspire me with storage ideas. And I'm sure I've told everyone about your teddy bears too. I just love that you have them all made from some piece of each family members' clothing. I'm partial to long eared bunnies and hoping I can find something from both my parents for my next 2 bunnies!

  2. LOVE this idea !!!!!!!! If I wore jewelry I would make this awesome idea, thanks for sharing =)