Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's been a month since I lost my oldest brother.  Words cannot describe the flood of emotions and cob webs clouding my head.  The answers I will never find.  The wish for one more chance.  One more phone call. One more visit. One more beer shared on the porch. One more I love you.

Thoughts go through my head like a wildfire. Out of control.  I miss sleep.  I miss him...


  1. It will get easier but you will always miss him Margy.I think we all go through the thoughts of what more we should have said or did but I am sure he loved you and would not want you to think on regrets.
    Your clematis is so full of lovely blooms. That is a really pretty deep pink color in the blooms.
    I messed up on mu little hosta in the fairy garden and thought I ordered Mouses Ears but it was a Peanut hosta instead. Some days I really miss my brain. LOL!

  2. Time will make it will never go away... Know you are loved and thought of daily... You are loved and your friends are always just a call away (hugs)