Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just Another Walk in the Park

 Since it's so unseasonably warm here, I hurried home from work so Gypsy and I could take another long walk in the park. She loves it as much as I do and does really well with not dragging me along.  When she sees me get her leash out she is ready to go to the car.
 On today's walk we discovered there are a few burial plots in this park.  After a close up investigation the date is 1863 and belongs to Alexander Caldwell born in 1801.  Immediately my mind begins to wonder who he was in relation to this park and why was he here.  Was this once his family farm?  Do his descendants know he is here?
 Nearby him are two more headstones.  This one is his son, Francis born Nov. 5, 1821 and died young Mar. 7, 1848.  He out-lived his son - no one should have to bury their child.
And another much older and smaller.  Broken and worn.        Again, my mind wonders to the who and why.
 Perhaps a child?  Many, many years ago...

 Of course to Gypsy, this was merely something to sniff at and walk on, looking for further adventures ahead.
 She seems to be thinking about taking a dip in the lake but really she is just mesmerized by the geese.
Not only is walking good for me it gives Gypsy a chance to burn off that energy. I find it so very peaceful.
Even though this time there were other people at the park it was still so very serene.  We take a break now and then to sit on a park bench near the water.  The reflections ripple when a fish comes to the surface.
 Parts of the sky looks sunny and blue and others look like a snow storm could start anytime. Such odd weather for February.
I couldn't resist taking a photo of this interesting root with the moss around it.  Reminded me of an alligator.
Or is it just my imagination...


  1. It looks like you had a great day for a walk too Margy. I am glad Gypsy does not drag you around. LOL! We had an Eskimo dog and that thing literally would drag me until I fell down. I hated that dog. LOL!

  2. What gorgeous photos, especially the last one of the roots! I so enjoy reading your blog posts. Miss you!!

  3. I wish I was at home to walk with you! I love walking Toby in the park. He inevitably always ends up in the lake! Make my mom walk with you!

  4. Loving this park! I'm going to have to get my dogs over there for a walk! What's it called? GREAT photos! Reminds me of a quote I saw yesterday: " The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses." Don't know who said it but I thought of YOU, my Master Gardener friend, when I saw it! This is the weirdest winter I've ever seen--50 degrees in Jan/early Feb??? I didn't even need a jacket yesterday!