Monday, January 9, 2012


One of those "goals" for the new year is to get outside and walk.  Taking Gypsy walking is the perfect answer.  Since she has grown up a bit, she is well behaved on a leash and loves to take a walk. 
 We've taken to walking at our local county park, A.J. Jolly, one thousand acres of peacefulness.  I'm lucky that its a five minute drive from our house.  I'd walk to it but you have to cross the busy highway.
Since its the dead of winter here, although warm, the park was absolutely empty.  Just me and G and this gaggle of geese.  They were content to walk with us on the opposite side of the water - now I know where the term ducks in a row comes from. The lake covers 200 acres and we've only managed to walk a tiny area of it.
 As the lake narrowed at one end the geese lost trust in the water between us and decided it was safer in the water than out.
 Gypsy didn't understand how they could ditch us like that. She's waiting for one to come back and play with her.


  1. How lucky to live near such a beautiful park ! Enjoy your walks and exploring the park with Gypsy

  2. I've so enjoyed all of the pictures you've been sharing lately!! Can't believe how green things look in NKY for this time of year. Happy New Year!!

  3. What a great spot to walk too. I love getting out and walking. I take pepper spray with me but a big ole puppy would be better. LOL!

  4. You are so lucky to have that park so close! I wish I had one closer that has some water--always more interesting with the ducks and geese! I hope to get out and walk more with my dogs this year too.