Friday, December 23, 2011

Sharing Christmas Around Our House

I wanted to share a little of how we celebrate
Christmas at our house. Be prepared for pictures!  Of course, I do most of the decorating so I didn't do a lot this year with the wrist surgery messing things up.  This is my kitchen tree. I'd put a tree in every room under normal conditions!
 Lots of mini kitchen and baking ornaments!
 A few years ago I began collecting old Santa mugs.  I try to find unique ones and not duplicate. I really love Santa's and have collected them in all sizes. for years.
 The older stuff is, the better.
 My collection of molded bubble santa's all gathered for a party!
 Vintage ornaments on display from my grandmothers, my aunt, my mom... all near and dear to me.
 I got this old display from a yard sale years ago - it came from "Pogue's" department store if anyone remembers them?  It sits at the top of my stairs and changes with the seasons.  As you can see the top shelf has Gypsy's pictures with Santa puppy photo and again this year at 2 years old.  The puppy photo on the right was easy to get - she was a ham.  However, this years on the left is a different story.  She wanted no part of this bearded man.
 One of my very favorite ornaments - with my very favorite all time - I miss him so much - dog, Max.
 A little bit of my snowmen...
 Again, the older looking the better...

 My great friend Renee made this for me - she and I are like two peas in a pod - love all things vintage.

 More Santa mugs!

 Another of my favorite pieces from my dear friend Toni...
And lastly, this handed quilted piece was made a long time ago by my dear old friend Sieglinde. It's a piece I will treasure forever.
I hope you enjoyed my touch of the holiday in my home!
Have a wonderful Christmas full of memories with family and friends!


  1. Great Santa mugs, and Santas collections. Found your blog from Brenda's blog. I'm following. Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry and Blessed Christmas to you Margy and your family.

  3. Love seeing all your Christmas decorations! Thanks so much for posting! Love the new blog banner too! Merry Christmas!