Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 A few weekends ago we went on our annual golf/birthday trip to Nashville, Indiana.  I say "annual" because we've gone several times for Hubs' birthday and the guys golf and the girls shop.  It works well for all of us!
The photo above is a garden center and cafe.  We got there after they closed but I was able to spend some time walking through and taking photos of everything I longed for in my own yard!
 They had quite a few of these large chairs like the one in bright pink above.  I am fairly certain that Hubs can make me one - just getting him to do it is the trick.
 I have always loved St. Francis of Assisi - Patron Saint of all animals.  I have a much smaller version of him in my mom's garden as she was the one who taught me all about him.  This one is nearly life size and I drooled over it.
 The main garden center was an old brick building with no real brick sides to speak of.  More of just a shell of days gone by.
 Love -  love -  love these chairs!

This one you can barely see! Wouldn't it look perfect in my shade garden?

 Patty and I are in a huge garden of Cockscombs or Rooster Combs as people call them.  In garden terms they are known as Crest Celosia.  My dad always grew these on the farm so they are pretty sentimental to me.  I've never seen any this tall though.   I hope you enjoyed the scenes - there are more to come!


  1. So pretty! I love cockscombs, too!

  2. Oh Margy what a beautiful place. I love the Brick building and benches loaded with flowers.