Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Chance Photo Opportunity

This was once in a lifetime moment we both were able to enjoy.  Last summer we had an orphaned baby deer visit us almost daily.  It got to the point that he trusted us enough to come right up to us and eat berries or animal crackers from our hands. Casper, our white cat, was sitting in the garden sunning one day so the baby had to investigate.  He knew this wasn't another deer - but what could it be?  They both sniffed each other for a few minutes until Casper decided the deer was a nuisance and gave him a swat. The startled baby shook it off and came back for more crackers.  If you look closely, you can see Hubs' in the right upper corner of the photo just in case this moment turned ugly.  His visits continued until fall and then winter set in.  It was awesome to see him grow up.  Eventually he joined another group of deer and brought them by the share my Hosta buffet!  I didn't mind at the moment.   Here he is the last time I took a photo of him this year....
Of course we're not sure he is the same deer - but as friendly as he was we'd like to think so.
Godspeed buddy...

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  1. He has to be the same guy if he's not spooked by you! So awesome!! What a great looking guy he's grown up to be.