Friday, August 19, 2011

Some folks call these Surprise Lilies

 and some people call them Naked Ladies.

Actually they are lycoris squamigera.

These pale pink lilies peek out of nowhere every August just around my birthday.

It is nicknamed Naked Lady or Surprise Lily because the flowers appear on sturdy, leafless stems in late summer, after the leaves have withered and disappeared from the spring.These bulbs came from my grandmothers garden many years ago.  I've moved them to every house I've lived in.

                                                                       Every year they produce even more bulbs giving me huge groups of flowers.
 They don't really like to be disturbed so if you dig them up you tend to lose that seasons bloom.  But be patient, because they come back the next year ten-fold.


  1. Those lillies are beautiful. I have several kinds of lillies in my gardens and I am not sure of the names.

  2. what a pretty splash of pink color for your garden! I love that they are from your grandmother and that you have kept them with you all this time! Missed you at Kendall's--hope you are feeling better!

  3. My Mom had some in her yard and when I moved into my own home 30 years ago we had one that would pop up each year. It never multiplied. It has not bloomed for about 5 years and now this year finally one popped out again.