Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are you tired of seeing my day lilies?

I promise this is the last post of day lilies! Well maybe....

This is one of my favorites. For some reason I love the ruffled edge ones.

I bought this one in memory of my dad - he was a pumpkin farmer. It's exactly the color of pumpkins!

Had to have a red one!

Maiden Kiss is alot prettier than this photo - I take a photo of each one to identify it if the plant markers ever get lost. Or Gypsy takes them!

Not sure you can read the tag - this one is called Geneva Fire Truck. I wonder what gives the inspiration for the names?

My very favorite!

I hope you enjoyed my day lily garden tour!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Of course not! I can never get enough of lilies. I really like your Ben Adams. It is hard to get a true red one.

  2. Are you getting any from your neighbor? So pretty--I do like the ruffled ones too. The darker ones are more interesting to me! You could have a different one every day and I'd be happy to look at them!

  3. These are beautiful! Your fav is mine too! Please come down and design my garden!