Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Garden Walk

Everyday I take Gypsy for a walk in the yard.  We stop and enjoy each of the gardens and flowers.  Well, I do, she just likes to dig holes or bite at bees.  I take alot of photos and plan to share them with you as I go.  With many gardens, things are always changing and it never looks the same from week to week, sometime day to day.  Hope you enjoy the walks.
Gypsy is waiting on you to follow her...

Just bought this day lily last year - and love it!

Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset

This plant stand was a thank you gift last fall from my dear friends Bobby & Judy -
Isn't is perfect!  They know me so well.


  1. I really like your yellow lily Margy. I like the shape of the petals a lot. The Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset is a pretty one. Such a great mix of colors in the petals.Have a wonderful week.

  2. great--I would love a weekly walk thru your garden here! Hoping for a beautiful day on Monday for a real walk thru it! LOVE that yellow daylily--where did you get it?