Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sorry for the long delay in posting more about my Connecticut trip but blogger wasn't playing nice!

Here are some more scenes from my visit northeast - these were taken at my dear friend Mary Ann's house.  This old set of wheels were on the edge of her woods - abandoned long ago.  And of course you can see more of those huge rocks.  I told you they were everywhere.
This is Mary Ann's view across her road looking out the windows of her new craft room.  Isn't it the picture of serenity?  I would love to wake up to this view.  While I was there the horses were playful and at times working with their riders in training.  It was so neat to watch.
This is my friends house - the slanted portion of the roof is a new addition of which I am so jealous.
It's all one great big craft room and a new porch to boot.  Of course there were snow flurries while I was there and now the landscaping is finally in the works since its warming up there.

And how could I not post a photo of "the room" as it's called. There are still cabinets and a counter to be installed under the windows in the front and this is still in the stages of organizing all the many, many things a crafter can have.  Hoarding comes to mind! I know I am guilty of saving beautiful papers just waiting for the right project to come along.

This is one of Mary Ann's cards....totally worth all the hoarding!
Luv ya snake...

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  1. Thanks for posting these Margy! I hope you or she will take more photos of her craft room when it's finished! What a great scene to look out on every day--I would love to see horses out my window every day too!