Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Garden Girl

Gypsy is such a people dog that no matter what I am doing she has to be right there with me.  Everyday we take a walk all along the property line, smelling everything, and checking out if anything is new.  She is the NOSIEST dog I have ever seen.  Since she isn't quite 2 years old she still hasn't mastered the art of coming back to me and therefore, has to be on a leash.  Actually she downright ignores me when she is outside and I call her to me which is unlike the last Great Dane I had who never left the backyard!

This photo taken beside my grandfathers hayrake almost makes it look like we are starving her.  Trust me we're not.  Even though it looks like ribs are showing she is just long and lean.  She weighs 110 pounds now and can really throw her weight around.  She's pulled me down on occasion!  

This photo puts it into perspective!  This is my older sister standing with Gypsy on the pool deck...being nosey!


  1. What a beauty she is! I have a white lab, one year old, and sweet as she is, she also just ignores me when she is free, or just stares at me as if I am an oddity - it's embarrassing! How DOES one teach that lesson? I've tried every trick in the book, including keeping treats in my pocket, to no avail... Anyway, we still love them, don't we? Love your blog!

  2. Thanks so much for a Gypsy update! Love seeing her! I've been working with my dogs to get them to come to me faster--one does very well the other one is getting better--by throwing a handul of treats on the floor just inside the door(i've been using Beneful dog food as these treats) and it seems to be working! I started doing this so they would wipe their feet on the towel inside the door at first but like the added benefit that they are coming in faster! They are by no means perfect--Emma still jumps over the fence every once in awhile.

  3. Hello Margy,

    That is some big dog you have there...but she has the face of a sweetie pie!

    Janet xox