Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend was the first weekend in quite a long time that we didn't have rain!  So I spent it doing my favorite things...
My potting bench sits right off the patio on the back of my house and that location is why its my favorite thing in all the gardens.  When I'm not using it for spring potting, it gets a good cleaning, a little bit of unique pots all its own and then it becomes a beverage station at our parties. 
This is probably my next favorite thing...lots of color.
Lots of plant shopping!
Lots of work!

I have lots of pots for annuals both on the patio and on the pool deck.  The colors make me smile!
Its so worth the effort!  I'll show you some of my containers as they fill in a bit.
And its worth the wait!


  1. Oh what fun Margy. Love filling those pots and planting pretty flowers. It looks like you have a collection of beauties there. Have fun playing in the dirt.

  2. Can't wait to see what's new! My camera batteries will be charged up and ready to go. Missing Gypsy too--you haven't posted a photo of her for awhile!

  3. Lots of color in the garden for a beautiful garden to enjoy all summer long.
    Happy Memorial Day.
    (we pray for all our midwestern friend who are dealing with tornadoes)

  4. I just became your new follower and love reading your blog, especially Sweet Cottage Dreams, Peace for Andrew! Thanks for sharing this sweet story.