Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sights of Connecticut - lots of photos to share!

If you wonder where I've been I took a quick jaunt to Connecticut!  Even though it was dreary and a bit cold I was amazed at the scenery.  My dear friend Mary Ann took me out sight seeing - We'd go so far and I'd say "stop the car - I have to take a photo" at least every 50 feet.  In rural Connecticut all the homes and farms are surrounded by stone fences as you see in the photo above.  And I do mean everywhere.  They go for miles and miles. 

 This one above was built on top of a rock ledge - which are also everywhere.  I've never seen so many ledges.
This is Boggy Ledges Road - Even the poor cows have to live with ledges!

 So much for green pastures...
We managed to cover alot of area in one day including....
                                                  The Coast Guard Academy

The buildings and grounds were so impressive.  This is just one of many buildings, all most identical.  Very stately...and beautiful.

This is the very front - the flag poles look like giant masts from ships.  The cannons are real. There is seating in the background (not shown) which is for graduations. 
This is one of the docks for the Coast Guard where the 1936 Eagle ports and is used for training daily.
On to Mystic Seaport where the I saw the Charles W. Morgan, built in 1841 it's the world's last surviving wooden whaleship.

Such a quaint little town - there are awesome seaside homes all around...

and then on to Latimer Point - another seaside town,  The beaches here are rockier, not like the traditional beaches you find in the Florida panhandle or the Mexican Rivieria. 

Although, I could still see myself living here!
This would be the house I'd want - beautiful view and
a firepit right near the water. Oh heaven!
This concludes this portion of the show!  I have lots more photos to share and will share them in my next post.  For now - dream about a summer day sitting in a cozy chair with a frosty drink and this beautiful view!


  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like it was an awesome trip! I totally want to go to Connecticut!

  2. I've been to Mystic seaport--loved it. You must go back in summer to see the gardens of Connecticut!

  3. You can come back any time and bring your green thumb. The Garden Show in Boston would be fun.

  4. Fantastic photos, thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more !