Monday, September 27, 2010

Where have I been???

I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog these past few weeks. I've been enjoying the last moments of summer here. Hosting a little girls tea party in my shade garden ...
And enjoying our pool.... And who would want to miss out on playing with this cutie...The summer has flown by here and it was perfect pool weather too. We're experiencing serious droughts so the rain today is welcome. It brings along some very cool weather, enough to close the windows! I just turned the air conditioning off and was enjoying the fresh air. Time to close the pool and decorate for Halloween! I go all out..... How do you decorate?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Curious Otis Escapade!

You really have to look at this picture to tell what kind of weekend I had...

Here's a close up.

Just above the larger tree branch is a white and grey striped blob - That would be my cat Otis 55 feet up a tree. He is wedged in the split of a smaller branch, hanging on for dear life! The wind is whipping him around like an amusement park ride. And the worst part of it all - he was up there over 24 hours.
It all started Sunday morning when he was a bit too curious and a bit too far from home. He wandered to the neighbors yard and was trapped by their 3 dogs with the only place to go but UP. Of course I didn't know that and proceeded to look for him for hours. Finally, the neighbor came over to tell me his demise. We all tried everything to get him down. An extension ladder didn't even come close. We tried water but the hose pressure wouldn't even go halfway. We tried using a professional slingshot with acorns to nudge him out of his limb and back down. Still nothing worked. The Fire Department came after another neighbor called. They couldn't help because of the surrounding trees. Everyone suggested leaving a can of tuna at the bottom and he would come down. Soooo we tried that too. Nothing worked.
Fast forward to Monday, Labor Day, you know the National Holiday that most people get off for?
I had to break down and call this guy - Dave's Tree Service. Yep on a holiday!

Here's Dave not quite up to where Otis is. Dave would be the dark spot in the center of the tree in the photo below - that will give you an idea just how high we're talking here.

Once he got up above Otis he secured himself to branches above Otis and repelled down to him. Otis was more than happy to get in the cat carrier and be hoistered down in the photo above.

He was fine, just dehydrated and terrified. But once he was home he had a drink of fresh water and not one but two bowls of food. Afterall, he put up quite a struggle to stay stranded so high!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Wicker

It's White Wednesday at Faded Charm so I thought I'd join the fun again this week. This is one of my favorite photos - Jack Frost sleeping in my child size wicker rocker. He seems to have deemed this "his chair" as no other kitties get in it. I picked up this little chair at a yard sale and knew I had to have it to sit by this chair...
This is truly a vintage wicker chair - I've had this chair since 1975 and it was old then. Its been in all my homes ever since. Now it resides in my living room and is joined by another yard sale find, a $5 ottoman that nearly matches.
Across the room is another vintage rocker - purchased at the same estate back in '75. It sits near the cockatiels' cage as the cats can't quite balance on the arms to jump to the cage when it rocks.
(Notice the bungee cord on the bottom of the table holding the bird cage on just in case!)
A new addition will be this terrific flea market find. It has an unusual cathedral back and I was drawn to it instantly. My "Best Buddy and Flea Market Aficionado", Toni was with me and of course twisted my arm. Unfortunately it was a day we didn't bring the truck and had to find a way to fit this in her car's back seat. We did!!