Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late Spring Garden Favorites

I wanted to share some photos of some of my favorite plants for late spring. Most of my gardens are in full sun and I always have some blooming color for each season. My all time spring favorite is the Allium. Its basically a large flowering onion. (Allium means garlic in Latin).

There are many different varieties of the genus Allium, this variety is 'schubertii'. The blooms are fist size and larger and look like little stars. Sometimes they are referred to as the Star of Persia. They dry nicely and can be used in arrangements.

My second favorite would have to be Clematis. There are more than 200 different species. I only have ten! The best tip to growing a healthy Clematis is to always remember it likes shaded roots. If you plant a bushy type plant in front of it that will help to keep the roots cool.

Some Clematis bloom from old wood and some from new so it also helps to know which kind you have. If you cut it back in the fall, you might be cutting back the chance of more flowers for the next year. I have some of both which makes it a challenge to keep track of. The nice thing about Clematis is there are so many varieties you can have different ones blooming all summer long as the case in my yard.

This one continues to amaze me. No two flower buds look alike.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard Sale Jackpot

Hubs and I stopped at a rural yard sale on Saturday. It turns out the owner had died and the family was selling everything out of boxes and piles of junk. And I do mean piles. This is a new meaning to word "hoarder". The house was full of stuff in addition to a barn and storage shed. The catch was you had to root through box after box never knowing what you might find. We spent over two hours there - with the years of dust, the cobwebs and even a huge snake skin. That pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Wished I had my camera to capture the moment!
We found some awesome pieces including these vintage aluminum hanging planters. They look like heavy cast iron but are really lightweight.

The yellow flowerpot is marked made in Japan - the other flowerpots are McCoy and Hull. The childs Fire King cup looks like its never been used. But the best find of all:

This is vintage cast iron - a perfect addition to my patio!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Victorian Inspired Spare Bedroom

Believe it or not, I designed this room from catalog shopping! I had broken my foot several winters ago and being immobile made me crazy. I found great distractions looking at the many catalogs that came in the mail. (As you know, once you buy something you are on everyone's mailing list). This bed captured my heart. Who buys a bed from a catalog?

The wallpaper border also from a catalog, inspired the wall color and things started to take shape. The vintage necklaces, hat, gloves and purse were my mom's. She was born in 1917 so that tells you the history. I love to hit flea markets looking for things that will fit in here. I have started to collect white dresser pieces for the english dressing table also in the room. Photos of that will come in another post!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We've been seeing the signs....

We've been ignoring them.

How can a house with a "few" cats have mice in the garage? These two fellas are our mousers...Meet Otis and Jack. They love to hang out in the garage to play catch. Catch the mouse that is. For the past four mornings they've caught one each day. Today I go through the garage to leave for work and a mouse runs right smack in front of me. That's because they were too busy doing this.

And this:

They are inseparable. They aren't littermates, they aren't even the same age. Jack showed up on our doorstep last fall. Cold, hungry - you know the rest of the story. Otis came from my mother-in-law's farm. There are always kittens there and of course I couldn't resist. Hubs told his mom he wasn't bringing me back anymore.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After reading the support I'm getting through emails and comments on my blog, it makes me realize how lucky I am to have all the wonderful friends and family that I have. They say if you go through life with one good friend you are lucky - well I have many so I feel very blessed. As you follow this blog with me you'll learn more about my family and great friends. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will anyone read my blog??

I love reading blogs and following people's trials and tribulations in life. I love decorating ideas and vintage finds. Its inspired me to start my own blog in hopes someone will follow mine as I share my life. Being an avid gardener and junk collector I have more than my fair share of photos to share. Thanks and feel free to leave a comment and pass my blog on.