Thursday, December 9, 2010


I was the baby of the family so I never had a "little" sister.  My mom and dad had two sets of kids with alot of space in between. My oldest brother and sister were raised close together and then my youngest brother and I were close together several years later.  There is 17 years between me and my oldest brother.  Huge gap...

So since my brother was so much older than me he started a family while I was still a kid in grade school.  This crazy girl above is his youngest daughter Jen.  The little sister I never had.  We have been close as sisters since the day she was born 40 years ago.  Here she is at Thanksgiving this year wearing my Halloween witches nose and glasses that were sitting on the counter.  Yes, she is very pregnant.  In fact, this new baby girl is scheduled to arrive this Monday the 13th.  She is the 4th, the caboose.  Jen has 2 boys and soon 2 girls.  I am so excited yet a bit worried about a mom of 40 giving birth.  Of course I will be at the hospital as soon as I can.  I could never go in, I would be the one on the floor.

This was a special moment I managed to capture the same evening.  Steve (Jen's husband) and Carly (their daughter) sharing a little love.  Notice the pink fingernail polish paired with a camo shirt.  The pants were pink too.  Being 5, she now picks out her own clothes as it's just not worth the fight to get her to wear what they want. Steve is a great dad too as you can see in their gaze.  I love that guy too!

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