Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Burrowing In

What is it about cats loving freshly cleaned laundry? Is there some invisible invitation for them to burrow in?
Otis will make a bed just about anywhere there is clean laundry.  In this case I had just taken this quilt out of the dryer, nice and toasty, so he managed to wriggle his way in, turn around and stayed there all evening.
With the extremely cold temps we are experiencing (lows in the teens) I expect alot of burrowing going on at our house!


  1. Too cute.... simple solution--don't do laundry! I noticed that he got to stay put--ya big softy!

  2. This cold weather has me burrowing in too! How's the Gypsy girl liking the snow?

  3. Gypsy girl loves the snow! Although its almost gone. She gets a whiff of that cold air in her lungs and turns into a crazy girl... running and playing!

  4. My fur babies leave the fresh laundry alone. But my little lab LOVES just used bath towels. It's really crazy!!