Tuesday, November 23, 2010

True Love

This is how evenings have been spent the past few nights at our house...

Just a little cuddling...

 Just a little cozy...

Fester has decided there is no reason to be afraid of a dog...not this dog anyway.
Gypsy loves the attention.  True love!


  1. AAwwwwwww!! I totally love it!!!

  2. Now if that isn't a lay out. LOL! How cute. LOL!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Margy.

  3. LOL! This is so great. We have bassets that assume that upside down position. Adorable that they cuddle up like that. I have a close friend with a dachshund that hated their two new kittens until he decided they were good cuddle buddies. It is so funny how things have changed around there.