Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Odd Fellow

Meet our spare cat.

He just showed up one day a few months ago. He'd come and go alot, but has finally decided after much exploration that this was the new home he chose.

He sleeps and hangs out on our patio now - never to leave. He is the oddest looking cat I have ever seen. He has an oval face - and his color is unusual.... his front end doesn't match his back end. He starts out a tan stripe and ends up with a racoon tail... as gray as it can be. Hence the new name ... Rocky.

We've decided since he isn't going anywhere - he is ours. So that means a trip to the vet to get "nuetered". No idea how old he is but he is the most loving cat and loves Gypsy which is a requirement at our house. Our motto is "Once we pay the vet bill he is ours"....

1 comment:

  1. Odd or not, he's beautiful!! Two thumbs up on the adoption.... does that go for you adopting him or is it vice versa?