Monday, September 27, 2010

Where have I been???

I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog these past few weeks. I've been enjoying the last moments of summer here. Hosting a little girls tea party in my shade garden ...
And enjoying our pool.... And who would want to miss out on playing with this cutie...The summer has flown by here and it was perfect pool weather too. We're experiencing serious droughts so the rain today is welcome. It brings along some very cool weather, enough to close the windows! I just turned the air conditioning off and was enjoying the fresh air. Time to close the pool and decorate for Halloween! I go all out..... How do you decorate?


  1. So glad to hear you've been off having fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your Halloween decorations--either in person or here in photos!
    I don't decorate much but enjoy seeing other's. Looking forward to photographing some beautiful fall colors!

  2. Hi Margy. Oh, girl I want summer back. LOL! You said you were going to the Sauerkraut Festival, Have you been there before? I have never gone and I am wondering if it has all of the artisans that it says it will have? Although the antique stores will be fun too.I have been through Waynesville several times but never when the festival has been going on.
    I want to go to Franklin to the Craft Factory while in the area.Get in as much as I can into one day. Have fun while you are there.