Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some folks call this a studio...

but in reality its just my laundry room. I don't have a separate room for stamping and scrapping. I could easily convert one of my bedrooms but I prefer to stamp in my family room at the table and still enjoy the television and my hubby's company. And since we have a great dane puppy I can't leave anything out on the table as she can easily peer over it and help herself. Nothing is safe in this house- but I always have a clean table to start out. I started stamping about 8 years ago and never thought I'd have time for scrapping too. But the bug hit me hard. I slowly started making room in the laundry room to store my stuff. You know all that "stuff" you can't live without. And sometimes hoard and never use...
I picked up this great bookshelf unit at a local gift store that was downsizing. It was a wedding display and the saying on top was already on it. Perfect for my 12x12 books. I use these to store my unmounted and clear stamps by category. The baskets are painted with the matching wall paint and hold my most used stuff. The bottom shelf has wire baskets that hold all my punches and I just slide them right out and grab what I need.

This is by far my favorite piece. I found this gem at an antique show with my best junk shopping buddy, Toni. I debated on it the entire day and finally went back to buy it just before leaving. Good thing I had the truck with us to pick up furniture for her. She is such a BAD influence.

Each drawer had a different drawer pull on it. And the labels read dates from 1915-1916. It was in someone's garage for years and had that much grime on it too. I love its distressed look and made new tags with a crackle technique to match is character.

This is the "Bling" drawer. I used a label maker and clear labels to add my descriptions.

Since I am a visual stamper/scrapper I like things out where I can see and find them. I am the extreme organized nutcase. Here is how I store my ribbons. These are pants hangers and have five slots. I have two, sorted by color of course!
This is my stamp pad storage. The Adirondack pads have tiny labels on them that have a smudge and the color name on them. Told ya I was an organized junky. The white racks are wood boxes - garage sale finds painted. The others are old cheese boxes and hold that size stamp perfectly.
Colored pencils, markers, brushes etc all in little tin buckets inside my grandmothers old kitchen cabinet which has a glass door for easy access.
I also like to see my wood mount stamps. I find that if I have them in a drawer I don't use them as much. Hubs put up shelving all around the top of the room (think wallpaper border) and I display my stamps on it. These in the photo are mounted right over our stationary tub right next to the washer. (You can see the washer hook up) They are mostly saying stamps I tend to go to for everything. On top of the Making Memories shelf is a glimpse of a Wizard of Oz lunchbox. Its my favorite movie and I love all things Oz. I have lots of Oz memorabilia mixed in.
And last but not least - I want to show you my before and during photos before the laundry room remodel. The second photo shows the new paint color (my favorite color) but was taken before the new flooring and wood plank ceiling was put in. We did the ceiling together - I used a nail gun for the first time...and I didn't kill him in the process.


  1. Gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing photos of your fabulous space =)

  2. Sigh...I just love your red room! Will I ever be as organized as you? You give me hope! See you soon! I'm getting excited about Stampaway!

  3. I love your room. It may be small but it's so very functional!! You rock!

  4. I love your room, but you already knew that! I am always looking for a library card catalog like yours. Amazing. (And yes, my mom is a bad influence, in many ways!)

  5. WOW! Love the red & white... Love, Love, the antique piece of furniture! We have a piece similar to that in our garage, only it has 12 large drawers and is very heavy! A lady once told me I should put it in the house but as it had been formerly used in Grandpa's tire shop, I had never thought of putting the greasy old thing in the house!

    Great job using the space that you have to it's fullest and making it beautiful at the same time!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my linky party @ http://debsheartandhome.wordpress.com/

  6. Your studio is beautiful. The red and white pop well against all your supplies which makes them easier to see I would think.


  7. I love the way you made use of the space you have. Your storage pieces are awesome. Love your space.