Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Girl

Gypsy our Great Dane pup who just turned a year old is growing by leaps and bounds. She still gets the hiccups alot so we know she is still growing! I snapped this photo as she was standing on our pool deck looking over to our neighbors yard. My sister stood up by her to see what she was barking at. She really didn't seem this big to us as we see her everyday - but just comparing her to my sister is amazing. You can see her birthday "party" a few posts back. She is truly our gentle giant.


  1. Love that Gypsy girl! Wow! She's big! I'm seriously considering a GD for my next dog!!!

  2. LOL! Gypsy is massive! So funny to see her next to your sis.

  3. Is that why they get the hiccups? I didn't know that. My guy is just over two and still gets them but not like he did when he was smaller.

    Your Gypsy is to cute. Dogs are so like people without all the hang ups of a human. The just love to love and are curious about everything.

    I'm a dog lover, can't you tell.