Monday, August 9, 2010

Gypsy's 1st Birthday card & handmade at that!

Gypsy is one spoiled Great Dane! She received a handmade birthday card from my very dear friend Mary Ann who knows just how much this big girl means to us. Mary Ann's nickname is Ssssssssnake - (at least thats what I call her) and she is a very talented stamper. She spends hours coming up with card designs and as you can see her results are AWESOME.

Not only does she make fabulous cards but she also dyes her own ribbons!

Thanks Sssssnake - you're the best!


  1. What a cute stamp--did she put who makes it or do you know? I love the card! I'm going to be looking for more dog stamps at Stampaway! See you there!

  2. Wow, I'm honored !! Leaving for the airport in 2 hours..see you this afternoon..can't wait. The stamp image is Shirleys2Girls.