Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On a brief trip to the local garden store last year, my hubs accompanied me which is so rare. I was busy looking for a special bush for a memorial for a dear friend who lost her father and Hubs was wandering around on his own. Suddenly he appears with a sparse but blooming Stargazer lily. He wanted to put it in the garden we made in memory of his dad. It looked like a Charlie Brown lily but it was the only one they had. We brought it home (I knew better but didn't want to dissapoint him) and I planted it near the Knockout Roses also in the memory garden. I wasn't sure we'd see it this year as it was pretty spindley. Fast forward to this year and a total surprise...

Today I counted 11 blooms open and 9 more yet to open.

I think his dad is smiling down on us!


  1. I love stargazers! This one is particularly beautiful. What a nice story. =)

  2. I would expect every plant YOU touch to grow. Great selection in plants, Moochie! Nice tribute to your Dad.