Friday, June 18, 2010

A few cards to share

I needed a wedding card and wanted to use the colors of the brides invitation. Its a summer outdoor wedding so I wanted to make it fun. I actually used the back piece of her invitations for the green metallic paper.

I also needed a card for my "Ink or Dye" stamp club. The theme for this card was something recycled. I opted for a card made from a piece of distressed cardboard and covered the inside with harlequin paper. The image was stamped while the paper I used was soaking wet. It sorta embosses the image into the paper. The photo of course doesn't show its dimension at all. It turned out better than I expected!


  1. Love both of these cards. I didn't know about that technique- stamping on wet paper! I may need to try that!

  2. Love the cards...don't forget to send me a sample of the embossed floral card.