Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard Sale Jackpot

Hubs and I stopped at a rural yard sale on Saturday. It turns out the owner had died and the family was selling everything out of boxes and piles of junk. And I do mean piles. This is a new meaning to word "hoarder". The house was full of stuff in addition to a barn and storage shed. The catch was you had to root through box after box never knowing what you might find. We spent over two hours there - with the years of dust, the cobwebs and even a huge snake skin. That pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Wished I had my camera to capture the moment!
We found some awesome pieces including these vintage aluminum hanging planters. They look like heavy cast iron but are really lightweight.

The yellow flowerpot is marked made in Japan - the other flowerpots are McCoy and Hull. The childs Fire King cup looks like its never been used. But the best find of all:

This is vintage cast iron - a perfect addition to my patio!

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