Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will anyone read my blog??

I love reading blogs and following people's trials and tribulations in life. I love decorating ideas and vintage finds. Its inspired me to start my own blog in hopes someone will follow mine as I share my life. Being an avid gardener and junk collector I have more than my fair share of photos to share. Thanks and feel free to leave a comment and pass my blog on.


  1. I love it! Your gardens always look so good! Vintage is cool. Old is new!
    Who or which one is in the picture w/you?
    Chat soon!
    Hugs, Pam

  2. Hi Margy!
    Welcome to blogland and thanks for stopping by! My experience has been..."build it and they will come"! It just doesn't matter to me how many followers I have...as I use my blog as my creative outlet..if you go back to my earliest posts...(Feb. 09)...I only have one or two comments...it simply doesn't matter! Try not to get caught up with any competition. Just visit people and leave comments and have fun with your own posts...
    You will love it here!
    :) Laura

  3. Love it! I'm your first follower-I brought my own snake,LOL. Can't wait to see how your gardens progress through the blooming months. Talk to you soon-love ya, Chickie.

  4. I LOVE your garden photos! Do I feel an IOD garden party coming on????

  5. Welcome to blogland! Can't wait to check out all your links to more blobs too! Flea 52 is one of my favs!

  6. Hi Margy :)

    Thank you for the email and welcome to Blogland!

    The best advice I can give you is.... be true to yourself, visit and comment everywhere, join parties and never forget this is a fun pastime and not a job ;)


  7. Hey Margy!! I just got home and found your email! Enjoy this new venture, if it becomes a chore you won't do it. It's fun and you'll meet the most awesome people.