Friday, May 21, 2010

My Victorian Inspired Spare Bedroom

Believe it or not, I designed this room from catalog shopping! I had broken my foot several winters ago and being immobile made me crazy. I found great distractions looking at the many catalogs that came in the mail. (As you know, once you buy something you are on everyone's mailing list). This bed captured my heart. Who buys a bed from a catalog?

The wallpaper border also from a catalog, inspired the wall color and things started to take shape. The vintage necklaces, hat, gloves and purse were my mom's. She was born in 1917 so that tells you the history. I love to hit flea markets looking for things that will fit in here. I have started to collect white dresser pieces for the english dressing table also in the room. Photos of that will come in another post!


  1. You know that's my favorite room in your house (after your scrap room of course!). I have that same bedspread but don't have it out because my dogs would sleep on it and ruin it. Been looking for a quilt rack to hang it on so I can enjoy it! Love all the details you have added to the room! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I finally got time to open some email.

    Congrats on the blog. I love the bright yellow, so happy and homey feeling.

    The only tips I know for sure about how to get followers is to do alot of visiting and leaving alot of comments seems to help. I hardly have time to do much commenting these days, I love to spend a rainy day visiting alot of different blogs. Seek out alot of blogs that have the same interest as you or else you won't enjoy reading them, but take warning about my experience, My taste seems to change often. It directly reflects what I am into at the moment. I love all the inspiration out in blogland. So many cool ideas, it keeps me running in circles trying to try it all.

    Best of luck to you and welcome to blogland.