Thursday, May 20, 2010


We've been seeing the signs....

We've been ignoring them.

How can a house with a "few" cats have mice in the garage? These two fellas are our mousers...Meet Otis and Jack. They love to hang out in the garage to play catch. Catch the mouse that is. For the past four mornings they've caught one each day. Today I go through the garage to leave for work and a mouse runs right smack in front of me. That's because they were too busy doing this.

And this:

They are inseparable. They aren't littermates, they aren't even the same age. Jack showed up on our doorstep last fall. Cold, hungry - you know the rest of the story. Otis came from my mother-in-law's farm. There are always kittens there and of course I couldn't resist. Hubs told his mom he wasn't bringing me back anymore.


  1. I just have to say I have looked at a hundred blogs today ~ they are all lovely and fantastic eye candy. But this and your lovely kitties have made my day. I too have 2 mousers (Calvin & Hobbes). They love each other sooo much and are both rescues from a horrible situation. Im a sucker for a good cat blog - Thank you and have a great weekend. Dee

  2. So cute! I love seeing the photos of these 2 together! Wish I had gotten a better picture of one licking the other when I was there!

  3. I am sooo jealous!! I wish my 2 non-litter-mates would get along like that!!