Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas Treasures

I wanted to show a few peeks of my favorite Christmas treasures. Some are new, some are old, some were passed down in my family.

I love this vintage looking snowman hat - a gift from my dear friend Toni last year.  It has a little electric tea light in it giving a little glow at night.

 I have collected all these little vintage pieces over the years.  A few were my aunt Em's who just celebrated her 90th birthday. 

I also love to collect different vintage santa mugs.  If I'm lucky I'll find one at a yard sale! I have about 10 now.  And of course  I collect santas - the more unusual the better.  I keep some out all year round in a curio cabinet!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lovin this...

This watering can is sleeping in my gardens - waking up this morning to a bed of deep snow.

It's a beautiful, thick white fluff.  Deep enough to make it hard to walk thru.  We had about 6 inches this morning added to the 3 we still had on the ground.  I love it but am thankful I didn't have to drive in it this morning. Yes, I have the greatest job and boss in the world.

I think I need to put a birdbath heater on my Christmas list!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I was the baby of the family so I never had a "little" sister.  My mom and dad had two sets of kids with alot of space in between. My oldest brother and sister were raised close together and then my youngest brother and I were close together several years later.  There is 17 years between me and my oldest brother.  Huge gap...

So since my brother was so much older than me he started a family while I was still a kid in grade school.  This crazy girl above is his youngest daughter Jen.  The little sister I never had.  We have been close as sisters since the day she was born 40 years ago.  Here she is at Thanksgiving this year wearing my Halloween witches nose and glasses that were sitting on the counter.  Yes, she is very pregnant.  In fact, this new baby girl is scheduled to arrive this Monday the 13th.  She is the 4th, the caboose.  Jen has 2 boys and soon 2 girls.  I am so excited yet a bit worried about a mom of 40 giving birth.  Of course I will be at the hospital as soon as I can.  I could never go in, I would be the one on the floor.

This was a special moment I managed to capture the same evening.  Steve (Jen's husband) and Carly (their daughter) sharing a little love.  Notice the pink fingernail polish paired with a camo shirt.  The pants were pink too.  Being 5, she now picks out her own clothes as it's just not worth the fight to get her to wear what they want. Steve is a great dad too as you can see in their gaze.  I love that guy too!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Burrowing In

What is it about cats loving freshly cleaned laundry? Is there some invisible invitation for them to burrow in?
Otis will make a bed just about anywhere there is clean laundry.  In this case I had just taken this quilt out of the dryer, nice and toasty, so he managed to wriggle his way in, turn around and stayed there all evening.
With the extremely cold temps we are experiencing (lows in the teens) I expect alot of burrowing going on at our house!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

True Love

This is how evenings have been spent the past few nights at our house...

Just a little cuddling...

 Just a little cozy...

Fester has decided there is no reason to be afraid of a dog...not this dog anyway.
Gypsy loves the attention.  True love!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Awesome Anniversary Card to share

We received this adorable anniversary card from my dear friend MA Evans from Salem, CT.  (If you look back in my blog you will see another fabulous card from her also)  The card is 100 times more awesome in person than this photo shows!  It is so me!
Notice the "love me tender" cut out and strategically placed around the number ten. So darn clever. Her talent amazes me. She hand dyes her own ribbon and she also pasted our tiny photo in the Tim Holtz photo strips...Thank you dear friend!

Monday, November 8, 2010


After a tough weekend it's time to focus on things I am thankful for.

In one day we lost and buried a cat trying to do the right thing and spent $150 doing it...but more devastating, hubs was laid off from work. All in the same day.

Its supposed to only be for a month or so but that doesn't make it any easier. But we've been down this road before and we have weathered much worse. I need to focus on the good things so this doesn't get me down. It tried...

I've decided for the rest of this month I'm focusing on all the good things in life - I am so very thankful for and these two best buddies above always lift my spirits.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Huge Disappointment

After posting yesterday about our new spare cat who adopted us, I am so sad to say the vet called earlier this morning to deliver the bad news - Rocky has Feline Luekemia. A very brutal, contagious disease in cats. Most prevalent in strays/abandoned cats...we were just get attached to him. What a sad, sad day for us...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Odd Fellow

Meet our spare cat.

He just showed up one day a few months ago. He'd come and go alot, but has finally decided after much exploration that this was the new home he chose.

He sleeps and hangs out on our patio now - never to leave. He is the oddest looking cat I have ever seen. He has an oval face - and his color is unusual.... his front end doesn't match his back end. He starts out a tan stripe and ends up with a racoon tail... as gray as it can be. Hence the new name ... Rocky.

We've decided since he isn't going anywhere - he is ours. So that means a trip to the vet to get "nuetered". No idea how old he is but he is the most loving cat and loves Gypsy which is a requirement at our house. Our motto is "Once we pay the vet bill he is ours"....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Very Special Birthday Card for Hubs

My hubs received this card from my dear friend MA Evans who lives in Salem, CT. She is by far the best, most creative stamper I have met. We've been friends for a long time, meeting in a stamping group online. Its funny how technology has changed so much and you can make the best of friends without ever having met them at first! She's been down to visit my neck of the woods a few times and it was as if I've known her forever. She fit in like a glove. Hubs loves her, the dog loves her, the kitties love her, heck even Otis wanted to go home with her! He got right in her backpack for the trip home.

She and I both love the whole Tim Holtz grunge look as you can see by her card. You need to look real closely at it as hubs photo has been pasted in the car window. The saying reads:
"AGE TAKES ITS TOLL, please have exact change"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Halloween Love

I wanted to show a little bit of my scary side! I love Halloween, the creepier the better! Although as you can see I have a little bit of cute too.

I found the "spells" stand at Waynesville's Pumpkin Festival last weekend. It's some sort of old tool with a handle on the back side. I plan to change the message with the seasons!

My love of anything old and vintage looking...

The picture on the family room mantle is actually a photo of my dads farm. Well, 1/3 my farm now. He was a pumpkin grower for fun. Pumpkins are so bittersweet for me, sometimes seeing one can just make me cry. Every fall we would gather the gourds and pumpkins for sale at his farm. It was so popular that schools would make Honest John's pumpkin patch an outing. He loved to see the kids exploring the field. Through the years it became quite a family affair. I'll have to dig out some old photos and share them too.

These are all my favorites - I apparently started a little black cat collection! I found this display at a yard sale, it used to be a Pogue's store display. Does anyone local remember Pogue's??? Its sits at the top of the stairs as you come in and is always decorated for the season. It's probably my favorite piece in the house and only cost me $16

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun Fall Weekend

In honor of a special landmark birthday for Hubs, we spent a long weekend with our friends in "Little Nashville", Brown County, Indiana. As you can see from this photo of my friend Patty above, the streets and stores were decked out for fall. Needless to say, it was beautiful - in fact, the whole weekend was.

The guys golfed while the girls shopped and enjoyed all the fall decorations.

I enjoyed seeing the old buildings, some dating in the 1800's.

What a great way to celebrate the beginning of fall!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Where have I been???

I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog these past few weeks. I've been enjoying the last moments of summer here. Hosting a little girls tea party in my shade garden ...
And enjoying our pool.... And who would want to miss out on playing with this cutie...The summer has flown by here and it was perfect pool weather too. We're experiencing serious droughts so the rain today is welcome. It brings along some very cool weather, enough to close the windows! I just turned the air conditioning off and was enjoying the fresh air. Time to close the pool and decorate for Halloween! I go all out..... How do you decorate?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Curious Otis Escapade!

You really have to look at this picture to tell what kind of weekend I had...

Here's a close up.

Just above the larger tree branch is a white and grey striped blob - That would be my cat Otis 55 feet up a tree. He is wedged in the split of a smaller branch, hanging on for dear life! The wind is whipping him around like an amusement park ride. And the worst part of it all - he was up there over 24 hours.
It all started Sunday morning when he was a bit too curious and a bit too far from home. He wandered to the neighbors yard and was trapped by their 3 dogs with the only place to go but UP. Of course I didn't know that and proceeded to look for him for hours. Finally, the neighbor came over to tell me his demise. We all tried everything to get him down. An extension ladder didn't even come close. We tried water but the hose pressure wouldn't even go halfway. We tried using a professional slingshot with acorns to nudge him out of his limb and back down. Still nothing worked. The Fire Department came after another neighbor called. They couldn't help because of the surrounding trees. Everyone suggested leaving a can of tuna at the bottom and he would come down. Soooo we tried that too. Nothing worked.
Fast forward to Monday, Labor Day, you know the National Holiday that most people get off for?
I had to break down and call this guy - Dave's Tree Service. Yep on a holiday!

Here's Dave not quite up to where Otis is. Dave would be the dark spot in the center of the tree in the photo below - that will give you an idea just how high we're talking here.

Once he got up above Otis he secured himself to branches above Otis and repelled down to him. Otis was more than happy to get in the cat carrier and be hoistered down in the photo above.

He was fine, just dehydrated and terrified. But once he was home he had a drink of fresh water and not one but two bowls of food. Afterall, he put up quite a struggle to stay stranded so high!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Wicker

It's White Wednesday at Faded Charm so I thought I'd join the fun again this week. This is one of my favorite photos - Jack Frost sleeping in my child size wicker rocker. He seems to have deemed this "his chair" as no other kitties get in it. I picked up this little chair at a yard sale and knew I had to have it to sit by this chair...
This is truly a vintage wicker chair - I've had this chair since 1975 and it was old then. Its been in all my homes ever since. Now it resides in my living room and is joined by another yard sale find, a $5 ottoman that nearly matches.
Across the room is another vintage rocker - purchased at the same estate back in '75. It sits near the cockatiels' cage as the cats can't quite balance on the arms to jump to the cage when it rocks.
(Notice the bungee cord on the bottom of the table holding the bird cage on just in case!)
A new addition will be this terrific flea market find. It has an unusual cathedral back and I was drawn to it instantly. My "Best Buddy and Flea Market Aficionado", Toni was with me and of course twisted my arm. Unfortunately it was a day we didn't bring the truck and had to find a way to fit this in her car's back seat. We did!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Girl

Gypsy our Great Dane pup who just turned a year old is growing by leaps and bounds. She still gets the hiccups alot so we know she is still growing! I snapped this photo as she was standing on our pool deck looking over to our neighbors yard. My sister stood up by her to see what she was barking at. She really didn't seem this big to us as we see her everyday - but just comparing her to my sister is amazing. You can see her birthday "party" a few posts back. She is truly our gentle giant.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some folks call this a studio...

but in reality its just my laundry room. I don't have a separate room for stamping and scrapping. I could easily convert one of my bedrooms but I prefer to stamp in my family room at the table and still enjoy the television and my hubby's company. And since we have a great dane puppy I can't leave anything out on the table as she can easily peer over it and help herself. Nothing is safe in this house- but I always have a clean table to start out. I started stamping about 8 years ago and never thought I'd have time for scrapping too. But the bug hit me hard. I slowly started making room in the laundry room to store my stuff. You know all that "stuff" you can't live without. And sometimes hoard and never use...
I picked up this great bookshelf unit at a local gift store that was downsizing. It was a wedding display and the saying on top was already on it. Perfect for my 12x12 books. I use these to store my unmounted and clear stamps by category. The baskets are painted with the matching wall paint and hold my most used stuff. The bottom shelf has wire baskets that hold all my punches and I just slide them right out and grab what I need.

This is by far my favorite piece. I found this gem at an antique show with my best junk shopping buddy, Toni. I debated on it the entire day and finally went back to buy it just before leaving. Good thing I had the truck with us to pick up furniture for her. She is such a BAD influence.

Each drawer had a different drawer pull on it. And the labels read dates from 1915-1916. It was in someone's garage for years and had that much grime on it too. I love its distressed look and made new tags with a crackle technique to match is character.

This is the "Bling" drawer. I used a label maker and clear labels to add my descriptions.

Since I am a visual stamper/scrapper I like things out where I can see and find them. I am the extreme organized nutcase. Here is how I store my ribbons. These are pants hangers and have five slots. I have two, sorted by color of course!
This is my stamp pad storage. The Adirondack pads have tiny labels on them that have a smudge and the color name on them. Told ya I was an organized junky. The white racks are wood boxes - garage sale finds painted. The others are old cheese boxes and hold that size stamp perfectly.
Colored pencils, markers, brushes etc all in little tin buckets inside my grandmothers old kitchen cabinet which has a glass door for easy access.
I also like to see my wood mount stamps. I find that if I have them in a drawer I don't use them as much. Hubs put up shelving all around the top of the room (think wallpaper border) and I display my stamps on it. These in the photo are mounted right over our stationary tub right next to the washer. (You can see the washer hook up) They are mostly saying stamps I tend to go to for everything. On top of the Making Memories shelf is a glimpse of a Wizard of Oz lunchbox. Its my favorite movie and I love all things Oz. I have lots of Oz memorabilia mixed in.
And last but not least - I want to show you my before and during photos before the laundry room remodel. The second photo shows the new paint color (my favorite color) but was taken before the new flooring and wood plank ceiling was put in. We did the ceiling together - I used a nail gun for the first time...and I didn't kill him in the process.